About our Gift Cards

Our Gift Cards offer one Art Print of choice + Shipping. When you purchase our Gift Cards you have the option of three different packages depending on the size of the Art Print you want to gift. Once we have received your order for one of our Gift Cards we send you an email with it, that you can print out or send by email to the person you want to gift. The Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. 

Benefits to our Subscriptions 

Our mission is to make Art more accessible and affordable for people so it can be included in everyday life and surroundings. Our subscriptions packages are way to offer educational and curated experience.

We offer three different varieties to our subscription packages based on knowledge and interest in Art. Each package will include insights and information about Art and our Artworks depending on level of interest. The packages also offer our Art Prints with reduced prizes. 

Every year we will offer new and intriguing experience that will surprise and delight the receiver. Perfect gift for anyone with interest in Art and Culture, wether you want to gift it to yourself or someone you know. 

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