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Rose Mathilde

Rose Mathilde Holstein (born 1999) is a young artist born and raised in Copenhagen. Her love for sketching emerged during her childhood, with most of her waking hours spent in an atelier in her garden. In her late teens, she honed a more distinct style after studying arts in Santa Barbara. Here, she immersed herself in the art scene of LA and refined her own style. She pays attention to detail and experiments with various techniques and materials, merging analog and digital art approaches. Her admiration for architecture and space design pervades her artistic expression in all of her work. Rose combines disciplined pencil skills with a playful imagination and visionary ideas of what architecture can resemble. She consistently asks herself, "Would it be fun to live here?" If the answer is yes, she puts it on paper. The work presented here is a series inspired by a trip to Japan with her boyfriend in January 2023. Each piece is named after different areas in Tokyo, from which she draws inspiration for her creative process.

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