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Art Print by Zeits made exclusively for Petit_Artprints.


Giclee printed on museum high-quality paper 230gsm with a smooth and matt finish. The Giclee print produces stunning images with a color vibrancy that is protected for 80+ years.


All our prints are made in our Studio in Berlin, our production is made with ECO-friendly materials. We print per order, so from when you order, it will take 1-2 weeks within Europe to arrive with printing and shipping.


Our prints fit into standard frames, the frame is not included.




PriceFrom €18.00
  • ZEIT ’s work focus on Chinese graffiti and installation art. In 2009, Zeit went to Melbourne, Australia. Influenced by the local street art atmosphere, he began to join graffiti at the same time. In 2015,  graduated Zeit from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a master degree in fine art.


    Active graffiti and exploration of urban environment became the foundation for his art works. Based on the experience of traditional Chinese calligraphy and western graffiti fonts. At the same time of street exploration, the city texture and fragment of photos are collected and utilized to use as personal experience. Through the recombination of ready-made objects in space, create a misinterpretation between original object and recombination object. The humor generated by installation combination in art space in the existing social cognitive structure is discussed.

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