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Máxico & Friends by Máximo Elizondo


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Máximo Elizondo - Máxico & Friends

PriceFrom €35.00
  • Máximo Elizondo born March 1st 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since he was a little boy, pencil was the tool he used to express the things happening around him and within him. It is in 2003 that teacher María José Fernández de la Puente encourages Máximo in his first steps in painting. Later he studies at the National University of Arts and with other great masters of painting, irony and life such as Ricardo Garabito and the fantastic Marcia Schwartz.


    In 2007 he makes his first solo exhibition, and three years later obtains a scholarship from the Embassy of Indonesia to study in the asian country for a year at the Art University in Surakarta. In Java, he investigates new techniques such as painting over glass and batik; he deepens in ceramics, drawing and painting. In 2013 comes an offer to make a residency in the nearby city of Jogjakarta. It will take three years of work, where he focuses mainly in the culture of the island, in drawing and painting.


    At his comeback to Argentina he meets the embroidery artist Amparo Villareal and begins to delve into this art. Over the year 2018 he makes his second international residency; this time in the city of Jinze, outside Shanghai, in China. This trip will change him completely, since he remembers and updates his experience with ceramic and gets excited by the pieces he admires there and by the passion that this art awaken in his friends and colleagues. So from that moment to the present he is pursuing a degree in Artes del Fuego (Fire Arts). Aside with his training, Maximo continues working on his artistic production and teaches workshops at his studio in the Almagro neighborhood, at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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