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Reykjavik is a small coastal City and the capital of Iceland with only around 130.000 people living there. The art scene is relatively big compared with the size of the City and has a vibrant cultural life.

The culture is very driven by artists run spaces and initiatives rather then galleries and the art market. There are actually very few commercial spaces for art in Iceland that can make things difficult for artists to sustain. But the artists run initiatives are the lifeline for local artists, where they offer spaces of support and venues to share ideas.

The City recently opened an art center in the old Marshall house by the Reykjavík harbor, where you can visit artists run spaces like The Living Art Museum and Kling and Bang Gallery along with Ólafur Elíasson Studio.

Iceland has one National Gallery and The Reykjavik Art Museum that consist of three museums located in different parts of the city. Only one of them was built as an art museum and it’s dedicated to the Icelandic artist Kjarval. The other buildings have been remodeled from old warehouses and fish factories.

Some of the small towns in Iceland also offer a vibrant cultural life. The town of Seyðisfjörður is a good example where you can find an artist residency along with a gallery Skaftfell, hosting variety of international artists. In the town Stykkishólmur you can find a long-term project by the American artist Roni Horn called Library of Water.

Our aim at Petit_Artprints is to support the art scene in Iceland by selling prints by locally based artists as well as Icelandic artists based abroad. The artists get a commission for each print sold, so with every purchase their income increases. The goal for the future is to have the ratio 50/50 with international artists and Icelandic to create a unique selection of contemporary artworks available to the public.

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