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Yumiko Ono is currently artist in residence with PARADISE AIR located in Matsudo, which is close to central Tokyo but comfortably away from it, residing in a more quiet area.

Yumiko is focusing on her research on housing complexes in the city, since this city is known as a "bed town" of Tokyo. She uses the images of those housing complexes to create a new architecture and make drawings out of it. As a final solution, she will show them in the community houses in the housing complexes for a long term, together with the drawings, which she has done in the past inspired by Soviet architecture.

She hopes that it could be the first step to take a part of their future city planning as they have quite a big project thinking for the future inspired by Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation and also Socialist's idea in a sense of creating society for the people.

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