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Petit_Artprints is an artist run company that was founded in 2020 by the artist and curator Dagrún Aðalsteinsdóttir and is based in two of the worlds most vibrant and creative cities, Berlin and Reykjavík. Petit_Artprints specializes in contemporary art prints to be sold in Museum, Book and Design Stores. But our prints are also available through our online store.

Dagrún has been interested in her practice as an artist- in how and through what means we create a cultural value. Where artworks gain value by institutional recognition and for their scarcity or being a luxury product. Petit_Artprints is an attempt to sneak into the institutions via the Museum stores or the art souvenirs and making contemporary art accessible and affordable. We are attempting to expose contemporary art in the context of multiplies like books or records. Where visual artists get a chance to be seen and valued in a different way, as well as an opportunity of income based on public consumption rather then one powerful buyer.

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