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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

About the book:

Tók ég eftir því þá eða tók ég eftir því eftirá? is a personal pictorial narrative about the authors experience of psychosis. The book uses an interplay of written word and drawings to create a comprehensive autobiographical manifestation of how it is to loose one's grip of reality.

Halla was a 22 years old art student and young mother traveling to visit relatives in Spain, with her partner and child. During a layover in London it became clear that her strange behavior and exaggerated ideas were in fact symptoms of psychosis. Halla was convinced that she was a participant in a reality television program. Everything she saw, heard and experienced became a meaningful clue that took her on a journey into a different reality that soon became completely unaccessible to the people around her.

About the author:

Halla Birgisdóttir(b. 1988) is an artist that lives in Reykjavík. Her art resides somewhere between visual art and creative writing. She has participated in numerous art projects and exhibitions all over Iceland. Tók ég eftir því þá eða tók ég eftir því eftirá? is her first book in full length and can be purchased here:

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