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Jakob Veigar

For Jakob painting is his path into conception where everyday experience is observed, broken into the smallest particles and squirted back as the birth of a new creation. Memories wing their way into a parallel universe which, in this case, is called Jakob’s World and exists only within his perception. They are twisted and reconstructed until they burst together in an explosion. Spit back into this reality, they fuel the performance of putting paint on a canvas and an artwork is born, mirroring the world through an alcoholic mind. We witness parallel realities telling infinite truths about my impressions and opinions of society as well as the perceivable world.


Jakob graduated from Icelandic University of the Arts 2016 and has a background as a civil engineer. His main media is oil on canvas and he focus on the act of painting. Energy and chaotic flow are his keynotes but the performance of putting color on the canvas is decisive of the final result. His works can be divided into two groups, a landscape-based impromptu, inspired by memories from Icelandic nature and pure abstraction, inspired among other things from music, architecture and aerial photos.

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