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Davíð Örn

Davíð Örn Halldórsson (b. 1976 ) is an icelandic artist that lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. Halldórsson mainly works with painting as he has done since graduating from the Visual Arts department of The Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2002. In this time, Halldórsson has explored unconventional methods of painting; painting and spraying with different paints on found objects. His earlier works are often composed of painted installations, painting on found furniture, floors, ceilings and walls.


Halldórsson’s works are based on daily life and fantasy; a personal processing of his surroundings, carried out in a visual language, with direct and indirect references to pop culture and art History. His background in printing is as well evident in his works; it is the material ground on which the artist builds his practice on.


Halldórsson has held several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Iceland and internationally. In the year 2014 he received the prestigious Carnegie Art Award grant to a younger artist.

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