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Dagrún Aðalsteinsdóttir Artist and Curator started PETIT_ARTPRINTS to create an alternative both for Artists and for people interested in owning an Artwork.


As a response to an Art World that is dominated by exclusivity and limited ways for people to own Art. That exclusivity also limits opportunities for Artists to earn from their creations. 


“The idea was to create a platform that could benefit Artists and people interested in Culture. This way Art could be distributed like a book or a record allowing more people to enjoy Art in their every day life.”


Our aim is to bring Contemporary Artworks into peoples every day life.

We handpick each Artist for their unique style and approach to Art. 

The idea behind our Artist run company is to make Contemporary Art accessible. All our Artists are active in their career and having their works displayed in Museum and Galleries all around the world.

Along with our selection of Contemporary Artists we have selected few

Retro Artworks. 


Our company is based in two of the worlds most creative cities: Berlin in Germany and Reykjavík in Iceland. 

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